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Motorcycle Windshield And Fork Bags

Classic Dual Windshield Pouches

1~50: USD73.74
100~300: USD53.74
1000~2000: USD43.74
2000~: USD23.74

Get your on-bike storage convenience enhanced with these well placed pouches that add a dash of flair and a touch of chrome to your fairing.
These Black Classic pouches mount to the windshield mounting bolts and are further secured by the compression between the windshield and fairing.
Measuring 4-1/2" x 3" x 1-1/2", these pouches are a perfect place for garage buttons, phones and other smaller items you want readily available.
The dual pouch design also allows air to pass through the new vented fairing unobstructed.
Pouches also come with two large pieces of hook-and-loop attachments to allow further securing of the pouches, pieces can be placed at your preference to provide optimal positioning of your pouches.

Classic Dual Windshield Pouches