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Cargo Bags

Padded Bottom Bag

1~50: USD98.99
100~300: USD78.99
1000~2000: USD58.99
2000~: USD28.99

Steel Frame Technology:
The cargo bags take ATV bags to a whole new level! A tubular steel frame offers superior strength and durability.
It also maintains a weather-tight seal, performance and appearance.

2-Way Lid and TEK Seal System:
A zipper-free design! The lid compresses against the arched steel frame to ensure constant pressure and a tight gap-free seal.
This protects the gear inside the bag from the outside dust, rain and elements.

High-Grade Material and Construction:
Made from tarpaulin, a superior grade, waterproof, fade and mold-resistant fabric.
Equipped with a padded seat and backrest that is supported by the steel frame, two (2) large arched side pockets and two (2) insulated drink holders.

Padded Bottom Bag